Office for Territorial Planning and Research


Limesland was founded in Berlin in 1996 according to a multi-disciplinary approach to concrete planning issues: territory is a dynamic field, generated by a systemic interaction of natural, cultural and socioeconomic processes. Our projects, from the regional scale to a single-building site, are all conceived starting from such an awareness.

Limesland has growing experience in large-scale environmental, landscape and rural planning, as well as in architecture, urban design and real estate management. We also develop concepts and visions that address low-impact tourism strategies, urban policies and social sustainability, especially in relation to ecologically sensitive natural areas. Our work is strongly informed by continuous research activities, supported by both academic appointments and publications at an international level.

Limesland operates through an extensive network of scientific and professional partnerships able to fulfill specific requirements resulted from a wide range of clients, which include european institutions, national and local public bodies, universities and research organizations, commercial companies or private individuals.