Scarpa-Volo public estate


In 2006 the Municipality of Venice, proprietors of the Scarpa-Volo estate in Mazzorbo island, announced a competition for the management of the entire area. We were asked by the family of wine producers Bisol, in a partnership with Vento di Venezia yacht center, to coordinate the preparation of the proposal.

The competition winning project is centred on the integration between the recovery of production and development of the Lagoon’s traditional vegetable and wine making activities, and the development of an “Environment Promotion Centre” aimed at the exchange of culture and experience in the sustainable environment sector at a regional and European level.

Status: competition 1st prize (then realized)

Task: proposal coordination, preliminary design

Client: soc. agr. Bisol

Period: 2006

Partners: Slow-Food, Ideas-University of Venice, TUBerlin, institutes “Galuppi” of Burano, “Dante Alighieri” of Venice, “Foscolo” of Murano, “Loredan” of Pellestrina, Sogliano al Rubicone, VAS-Venice, Anima Mundi Onlus, Civiltà Contadina association, A.I.A.B., the Artichoke Violetto consortium of S.Erasmo, Paolo Andrich, the Angling sport’s group of Burano, the cultural association of Burano and the spontaneous committee for the Northern Lagoon Park.


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